Seminar Marketing

Leverage our Rocket Platform to fill your seminars with prospects that are just like your current clients.

Transparent Seminar Analytics

Our campaign analytics can help you better understand which channels are driving the most conversions, as well as provide insight on the prospects who are responding.

We provide you with the visibility you need to show a clear line from engagement to pipeline to revenue.

We then use these analytics to uncover opportunities that skyrocket upcoming campaigns based on recent historical results. 

Turnkey Seminars

We take care of everything including

Provide A Dedicated Seminar Consultant

Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile

Deploy + Optimize Digital Marketing

Deploy + Manage Email Marketing

Manage Attendees in Rocket Dashboard

Send Confirmation Emails + Reminder Texts

Enroll Attendee's Into Drip Automation

Analyze Campaign Analytics

Your ideal customer profile
We enrich your data for you, so you can get a true representation of what your ideal customer profile looks like.
Identify your best-fit customers
Rocket Leads identifies the best-fit profile for accounts that generate the largest amount of revenue for your company in the shortest amount of time.
Obtain new customers with ease
Advertise to the same target audience, with confidence, across multiple ad platforms, all from your Rocket Dashboard.

Ready to get started?

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We've worked with Rocket for 2 years now, our seminar results are up 27% from our previous vendor. The technology, process and execution is unmatched by any in the industry. We're excited for 2022!
Ashley - Senior Living Marketing Admin