Pitch 30+ VA / Active Duty

Prospects At Once.

Imagine pitching 30+ VA / Active Military prospects at once, could you convert a few? 

Our mission is to help mortgage companies reach their goals by harnessing the power of effective marketing strategies.

Through our tailored marketing services, we reach the hearts of veterans and military personnel and guide them to informative dinner seminars on VA loan opportunities.

VA Mortgage Seminars

Partner with Rocket Leads today to reach veterans and active military personnel effectively, drive attendance to your VA loan seminar events, and witness the growth of your mortgage business.

"My first seminar had 34 attendees, I closed 8 appointments before leaving the event.

The large audience eliminated the high-pressure sales environment that's associated with more intimate settings.

The prospects were excited with the new information and we closed business. "

Rachel Dunn - Florida

How It Works

1. Planning

Let’s chat about seminar best practices and
select a venue for your event.

2. Approval

We finalize the venue location, date/times,
marketing, and invoicing.

3. Event Time!

Your event is here, time to educate and close business!

4. Post-Event Call

Let’s review the campaign, discuss the metrics,
and measure the campaign's success.

5. Automated Marketing Drip

We automatically enroll prospects into a 12-week email drip sequence customized to match your business.

Highest Converting

Mortgage Sales Strategy

Imagine pitching 30+ VA / Active Military prospects at once, could you convert a few? 

30+ VA Attendee's

Potential homeowners sign up to hear your VA Mortgage solutions in a comfortable setting.

5x Conversions

Our seminar hosts average 5x the amount of contracts because of our specific VA / Military Targeting.

High ROI

No more commissions or referral fees. Market, present, and convert.